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This pretty much lays out my entire game plan for Make and Bake 2013. 

It's December 6th at the Somos Gallery in Salinas, CA. I got accepted, which means my appearance is now confirmed there.

What I'll be bringing and pricing

I originally wanted to just bring a virtual portfolio and take orders, but I figured I'd give some tangible stuff too. I'll likely be bringing one of each of the prints from the Project 1020 set, probably printed somewhere like Costco or Kinko's. (Made with good Photo paper, of course.) These will likely sell from $2 to $5 each, depending on how much it costs to make the prints in the first place. These will be at the Make and Bake for you to buy and take home. These photos will be matte finish.

However, if you wish for something a lot higher quality, and something that was made by a shop that specializes in awesome prints, then I will be taking orders for high-quality prints. These will sell from $10-12, and will be printed by Green's Camera World. The reason I don't just go with these from the get-go is I can't anticipate demand. This is my first time doing a show like this, and if the HQ prints don't sell, then I'm out a very significant chunk of money. I don't have a lot (fixed income sucks) so it's really difficult for me to have the high quality prints from square one. On your order, you can specify glossy or matte finish.

If you're local to Salinas, I can hand-deliver the print to you. Otherwise I will mail it via USPS. As of right now, everything's going to be 8x10 or around that size. Though if you want something bigger, you can order it here on DA or we can talk something out and see where it goes. No guarantees though!

Also, every print will always be for sale from here, so if you wish to just place an order via DA, that's okay too.

I will also have my laptop on hand with my entire portfolio, so if you wish to look at my other work on site (and place orders for that, too), it'll be there.

Camera Stuff

For the last month or so I've been using my Lumia 1020 as my main camera. I eventually sold my J1, after deciding it just wasn't a really good camera, especially next to my D5100. I kind of already accepted that with regards to image quality and whatnot, because such is life when you're going for a smaller camera, but I didn't expect it to be that bad. Furthermore, the mics on my J1 were defective, as was the lens that came with it. It was all a huge mistake. So what now?

I've also decided that while the 1020 packs an impressive camera that comes close to the J1, that it definitely won't cut it for more specialized work. So I'm brainstorming ways to raise cash for another D5100 or Rebel T2/T3. Maybe even a Rebel XS if I'm that desperate. I just know that while the Lumia 1020 is great, it faces the same problem I also had with the J1: It just isn't as flexible in settings as a dedicated DSLR. If you have any ideas and/or want to help, I will love you forever. <3

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Open-Circle Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
Thanks for the fav man!
exxodium Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
No problem! I plan on ordering a print of that poster when I get some cash. I *so* want that on my wall.
Tishaminga Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the fav! :D
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